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8902 Vezok is a BIONICLE set released in early 2006. It includes 41 pieces and features light-up eyes with glow-in-the-dark teeth. Story-wise, Vezok is a blue Piraka with an extremely violent temper.


Main Build

Vezok shares the same basic build and features as the other Piraka sets. He uses a silver part 53564 for the torso, and attached via a 32054 pin connection is Vezok's unique rubber spine/head piece, in dark blue. When the top of the translucent orange "brain" piece 54359 is pressed on, the Piraka's eyes light up. Vezok's teeth also glow in the dark with decent exposure to light beforehand. To facilitate the different weapon functions, each arm is built using different pieces, making the figure asymmetrical, a feature shared by all Piraka canister sets. Vezok's limbs are molded in sand blue; part 50898 in that color is exclusive to this set.


Vezok's dual-function weapon (right hand) is a silver harpoon that can switch into a small buzzsaw. Like all Piraka, Vezok carries a single-shot Zamor launcher (silver) in his left hand. Pressing hard on the rubber piece on his launcher will launch a Zamor sphere.


Vezok once worked with Hakann to steal a Matoran Tablet. After getting it, a Dark Hunter called Ancient appeared and took it from them. Later on he and Hakann joined the Dark Hunters. Eventually, the six Piraka, led by Zaktan, attempted to defeat The Shadowed One. They lost and fled the island. On their way to Voya Nui, in an attempt to find the Mask of Life, they went to the lair of Makuta Teridax in Metru Nui. They were chased off by the Mana Ko, but afterwards Hakann found the Spear of Fusion. He used it on Vezok and split him into two: himself and Vezon, who then left to get the Mask of Life before the other Piraka.


  • Vezok's nickname is "The Beast."
  • Vezok's species are known as the Skakdi. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Beware Vezok's fury!

Nasty and vicious, Vezok's fury is always on the verge of exploding. In battle, he relies on a harpoon that pulls him through the water and a buzzsaw that hurls water daggers. His powerful impact vision and ability to absorb the powers of his enemies makes him a devastating opponent.

  • Includes zamor spheres and launcher!
  • Piraka eyes light up and teeth glow in the dark!




Piraka Vezok

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