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8910 Kongu is a 74 piece BIONICLE set released in 2007. He is one of the six Toa Mahri. He comes with two Cordak Blasters as well as the Mask of Summoning. It is Kongu's second appearance in a set (third including his appearance as a toy that came with a Happy Meal at McDonalds). In the BIONICLE storyline, he is a Toa of Air.


  • In the original storyline, Kongu gained a new melee weapon of some kind from their transformation into the Toa Mahri, but abandoned it after they found the Cordak Blasters.
  • He is the only Toa Mahri to have two Cordak blasters. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Ready for undersea action!

With his two Cordak revolving blasters, Kongu is ready to teach the Barraki the true meaning of crossfire. His Mask of Summoning lets him call sea creatures to his aid in the heat of battle, making him one of the most powerful Toa Mahri!

  • Kongu stands over 6" (15 cm) high!
  • Armed with Cordak blasters that really fire!


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