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8917 Kalmah is a BIONICLE set released in 2007. It has 53 pieces. He is a ruthless three-eyed Barraki and the one responsible for breeding and raising the Sea Squids they use for ammo.


Kalmah is one of the six Barraki. He is red in colour and has three blue eyes. He has two tentacles attached to one hand and a Squid Launcher in the other. The set also comes with two Sea Squids that can be attached to two holders on his back, despite the box showing them at the top of his arm, but below the shoulders. Some images of him have dark red Hordika feet, although he has upgraded versions instead.


League of Six Kingdoms[]

Kalmah was one of the six warlords of the League of Six Kingdoms and ruled the northwestern region of the empire. Initially, Kalmah did not want to join the League, as he was unwilling to have others dictating his actions. However, he was forced to join when Takadox allied with Pridak, fearful of having his empire cut off from the rest of the world.

He was defeated along with the other Barraki during an ambush from the Brotherhood of Makuta. There, Kalmah was brought along with the others by Botar to the Pit moments before they were to be executed by Makuta Teridax. They were then trapped for many years until the Great Cataclysm destroyed the Pit and allowed them to swim out into the open where they were mutated by the mutagen in the waters into water-breathing creatures.

The Pit[]

Kalmah commanded an army of squids, which included a Giant Squid. He also discovered the Sea Squids, small vampiric squids that drained the natural life force out of people, and who bred them for the Barraki's use, starving and abusing them so that they were always ready to attack. Kalmah would not allow anyone to enter the chamber where the squids were bred ever since Mantax ate half the brood. He was blinded in his top eye at some point as the result of an argument with Pridak.

Kalmah was informed by one of his Sea Squids of the arrival of the Kanohi Ignika. After meeting the other Barraki, they decided to split up to search for the Ignika.

Order of Mata Nui[]

Kalmah was soon captured and imprisoned by Hydraxon along with Ehlek, Pridak, and Mantax. Hydraxon was given orders to offer the remaining Barraki a choice: join the Order in the war against the Brotherhood, or suffer worse punishment than what they had already received. Pridak soon accepted the offer on the Barraki's behalf, and Kalmah along with the others was fitted with an apparatus to allow him to breathe on land. He took over as the tactician for the army that the Barraki amassed from the scattered corners of the universe, though Pridak's battle lust was such that he began moving before Kalmah had even drafted a plan.

The alliance was made soon after, and Kalmah rebuilt his legions. They were ready to attack Metru Nui once the Shadowed One had released his viruses against Teridax. As a consequence of Teridax's death, Kalmah left the universe and arrived on Spherus Magna. His mutations were reversed when Mata Nui was using the Ignika to restore the planet. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Caught in the grip of Kalmah!

Cunning and brutal, Kalmah strikes fear into the hearts of the fiercest sea beasts. His tentacle can crush his foes, or he can use his sea squid launcher to drain their life force. The tentacles on the back of his head help him to sense surprise attacks before they happen. Commanding an army of giant squid, Kalmah may be impossible to stop!

  • Includes squid launcher with 2 squid.
  • Each Barraki features a unique body, face and weapons - collect them all!


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