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8926 Toa Undersea Attack is a BIONICLE playset released in 2007. It contains a sea creature that can transport a Toa Mahri, a huge claw, and a Cordak Blaster; a Barraki's crab-like Rahi, another Rahi belonging to the Barraki, a modified Razor Whale that the Toa Mahri can ride, and 3 Toa Mahri and 3 Barraki.


  • This is part of the final wave of BIONICLE playsets to be released.
  • Curiously, every minifigure in this set has the wrong head, even though correct head molds were available for Takadox, Hewkii, and Nuparu. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Battle beneath the waves!

The Toa Mahri return to the Pit inside a bizarre sea creature, arriving just in time to battle the Barraki and their frightening sea creature servants. It's all-out battle under the sea when these two forces clash. Cordak blaster really fires and comes with extra missiles!

  • Includes 3 miniature Toa Mahri and 3 miniature Barraki figures!
  • Includes 9 solidified air spheres and 3 sea squid!
  • Includes 3 sea Rahi and lots more!

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