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This article is about the Power Miners set. For the Rock Raiders set, see 4940 Granite Grinder.

8958 Granite Grinder was released in January 2009 as part of the LEGO Power Miners line (being set number 3 in the series). Included are Duke (Version 2) and one Glaciator monster Minifigures. It has an alternate model called Cargo Crusher. It has 94 pieces.


The Granite Grinder is a small Power Miners set. It contains a small vehicle - of the title - and a Rock Monster (Glaciator). The Grinder's main goal is to drill into rock. It has a headlight on one side of its body and an axe stowed on the other. In the back of the vehicle are two oxygen tanks. The Granite Grinder rolls on tank treads. When you move it forward, it makes the drill look like it's running.


The Granite Grinder was typically used to collect Power crystals and was one the smaller mining vehicles in the Power Miners 'fleet'.

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Hammer out those crystals!
Krakk! Krakk! Krakk! The rough, tough Granite Grinder is hunting for crystals, and its double-pronged jackhammer is just the tool for the job! Smash apart rocks, load crystals into the trailer, and haul ‘em back to base. Jackhammer really works when vehicle treads roll!

  • Features heavy-duty rubber treads, removable floodlight, attachable wagon for collecting crystals and removable gas cylinders!
  • Includes miner and rock monster and accessories!
  • Combine with 8960 Thunder Driller to create the massive Aero Shredder!

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