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8959 Claw Digger was released in December 2008 as part of the Power Miners theme (being set number 4 in the series). It includes Rex and one Sulfurix monster minifigures. It has 197 pieces.


The Claw Digger is one of the many vehicles designed by Rex. The Claw Digger has two arms, one on each side. Two knobs at the base of the arms allow you to swing the arms up and down by rotating the knobs. It uses both of them to chop through rocks in order to find the energy crystals. It carries a stick of dynamite and a pick-ax on the back behind the engine.

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Smash, scoop and shovel anything in your way!
Rock monsters beware – don’t get in this heavy-duty mining machine’s way! The Claw Digger’s crusher claws swing up and down to smash apart rocks for the crystals inside, then it scoops them up in its shovel along with any pesky rock monsters that get too close. With its massive engine and huge spiked wheels, nothing stops this Power Miners vehicle! Includes miner and rock monster.

  • Features new giant spiky wheels, huge rear engine, opening cockpit, and working bucket!
  • Includes 1 miner and 1 rock monster minifigure and accessories!
  • Measures 6" (15cm) long!
  • combine with 8961 Crystal Sweeper to create the huge Crystal Crawler!

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