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8960 Thunder Driller is a Power Miners set released in 2009. It is numbered 5th of the sets in the series. Included are Duke, Doc and a Firox monster minifigure. The vehicle contains a dual-geared drill system.



  • In the beginning of 2854298 The Adventures of Clutch Powers, Clutch Powers rides the Thunder Driller to find cystals to power part of LEGO H.Q. It is first seen crashing through a wall and Clutch debarks. Later, it hits the Underground Mining Station and is destroyed, but is implied to have been salvaged. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Tunnel through to the underground world!
The rugged Thunder Driller is the most important vehicle in the Power Miners fleet! With its massive double-geared, auto-rotating planetary drill, it tunnels through solid stone to reach deep underground caverns and hidden rock monster hives. As long as its magma-core engine is fueled up and its huge spiked wheels keep turning, the Thunder Driller’s powerful dual-direction drill never stops spinning!

  • Motor shield opens to display gearing system and stored crystals!
  • Includes 2 miners, rock monster and more!
  • Combine with 8958 Granite Grinder to create the massive Aero Shredder!
  • Vehicle measures 8" long and has giant spiky wheels!

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