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8969 4-Wheeling Pursuit is a LEGO Agents set released in 2009. This set includes Agent Chase, Dr. D. Zaster, a helicopter, a gate, and the Agents 4-Wheeled Truck. The set includes the new Agents body armour.


4-Wheeled Truck

Agent Chase's 4-Wheeled Pursuit Truck is wide and bulky, with large wheels, an earth blue hood and trunk and silver lining the sides. The suspension system used to connect the wheels to the truck allows them to move up and down slightly, allowing for movement on rough or uneven terrain.

The hood can be lifted up to reveal a smooth 2x2 plate with a sticker depicting a computer with a fingerprint scanner. Two black guns are also included in this secluded compartment. Two pieces commonly used as joysticks are located on the hood, used in this case as windshield wipers. Large transparent yellow headlights are located on the front of the truck, connected to the black grill.

Two yellow guns, one on each side, can flip out from their position against the side of the truck.

The interior of the truck doesn't have actual seats, but instead sports two red sloping pieces behind a steering wheel, a panel and a red button. Above the these "seats" is a black piece with yellow spotlights attached. Behind this, the trunk can be lifted up to reveal two flick-fire missiles.

Slime Chopper

Dr. D. Zaster's helicopter is orange and black, with three central spinning rotor blades. The cockpit is a transparent bubble in front of a seat for Zaster. Two lime green canisters are also included, one protruding from each side. Both of the canisters have a sticker of a black skull and crossbones, with the skull bearing Inferno and Zaster's hair. A narrow orange piece is located behind the cockpit, from which a rod comes. The rod is attached to a circular piece at the end that houses the smaller, vertical rotor blades.

The Gate

A small gate is included in the set, made up of two short posts with a long 1-stud wide piece connected to each one. These pieces are loosely connected by a circular piece reading stop. The gate is designed to be knocked into and broken by the 4-Wheeled Truck.


Dr. D Zaster planned to coat the city in slime. He filled canisters with it and attached these to his helicopter. Before he could unleash his slime chopper on the city, however, Agent chase in his 4-wheeled truck attacked him, intending to put an end to Zaster's plan and capture the doctor.


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Keep the City from getting slimed!

Emergency alert for Agent Chase! The evil Dr. D. Zaster is plotting to cover the City with sticky slime. Your Mission: to stop his Slime Chopper and destroy the slime containers using your Agent 4-wheeled truck with working suspension, hidden flick missiles and secret super agent gadgets!

  • Off road truck, helicopter and 2 minifigures included: Agent Chase and Dr. D. Zaster!
  • Agent off road truck features suspension, hidden gadgets and flick fire missiles!
  • Agent truck measures 5 inches (12.7cm) long by 3½ inches (8.9cm) tall!
  • Helicopter measures 6½ inches (16.5cm) long by 3½ inches (8.9cm) tall!


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