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The 8970 Robo Attack is an Agents 2.0 set released in June 2009. It contains a robot which can split into two sections, the Agents Quad Bike, the Agents Super Jet, and six minifigures- Dr. Inferno, Agent Trace, Agent Chase, and three Tourists, one with a camera. The set features the new Agents body armour. It has 411 pieces.


  • In a LEGO Club Magazine Doctor Inferno's Robot is flipped
  • This set appears in the online game 'The Robot Chronicles'.


Dr. Inferno's Robot

Dr. Inferno's Robot is his main mode of transportation in Agents 2.0. It is equipped with a flame laser and a claw. The flame thrower's dial says, TOAST, GRILL, and FLAMBÉ. The torso can split into two parts. The robot also includes a small vehicle in the cockpit for Dr. Inferno to escape in. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Stop Dr. Inferno’s rampaging robot! Attention, Agents Trace and Chase! The villainous Dr. Inferno is on the loose in the City with his latest mad scientist creation – a stomping, crushing monster robot with a giant claw and flame arm! Your Mission: to use your Agent Super Jet with flick missiles and your harpoon-equipped Quad Bike to disable the robot and capture Dr. Inferno before he escapes in his jet-pod!

  • 6 minifigures included: Dr. Inferno, Agents Trace and Chase, and 3 tourists!
  • Robot splits into 2 sections: upper body can become a fly away vehicle!
  • Light-up function in flame arm!
  • Agent vehicles include harpoon-equipped quad bike and super jet with flick fire missiles!
  • Robot measures 9 inches (22.9cm) tall and has a 15 inch (38.1cm) arm span!

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