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8984 Stronius is a BIONICLE set released in July 2009, intended for ages 7-16. Stronius is a rock-type Glatorian, and a Skrall warrior. Unlike the other Skrall, he is a specific being, and not a general member of a species. He has a large club, and is an elite member of the Skrall. It has 55 pieces. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

This elite Skrall warrior is ready for battle!

A brutal warrior of the rock tribe, Stronius carries out the missions other Skrall warriors cannot. Clad in mighty armor and armed with a thorned club and spiked Thornax launcher, he is as fearsome as he is cruel.

  • Stronius is armed with a powerful thorned club and spiked Thornax launcher!
  • Includes 1 Life Counter for the new BIONICLE battle game!
  • Measures over 7" (18 cm) tall!


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