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9002748-9002731 Buzz Lightyear and Woody Clock Bundle is a Toy Story set released in an unknown year. It contains two large clocks, both shaped like minifigures.


Buzz Clock

The Buzz Lightyear clock is based on his normal variant, and displays the digital clock just below the front of his body armour. The wings are like the appearance in the film, with several exceptions; the lights on the tips are white and they are shorter than the movie wings. The clock does not appear to have the ability to be disassembled.

Woody Clock

Like the Buzz Lightyear clock, the Woody clock is based on the regular Woody minifigure variant. The clock display, which is the same type as the Buzz clock display, is situated on his body, just cutting off the two bottom tips of the golden star-shaped Sheriff badge. The clock is in a sitting position.


  • In his sitting position, Woody only appears to be slightly taller than Buzz.
  • It is unknown if Woody's legs are movable. [source?]
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