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9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep is a set in the theme The Lord of the Rings released in May 2012. It contains 1368 pieces. It comes with Helm's Deep, a horse, siege ladder, one bomb and the Horn of Helm Hammerhand. It is the second-to largest set in the theme to date, the first one being 10237 The Tower of Orthanc.


This is where the battle between the armies of the elves of Lothlórien, the men of Rohan and the Uruk-hai of Isengard took place. The Elven Archers were along the Deeping Wall with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli, and the Rohan Soldiers were arrayed along the walls of the keep. However, the Uruk-hai planted a bomb in the culvert in the Deeping Wall and it was breached, allowing the Uruk-hai to flood through the breach. All the survivors of the Deeping Wall were called into the Hornburg keep, but Haldir was killed by a Berserker Uruk-Hai armed with an axe. The Uruk-hai brought a battering ram up the causeway to the gate and Aragorn and Gimli attempted to fight them off. However, the door is breached, prompting the defenders to retreat to the inner keep. As the defenders barricaded the door dawn broke, and Gandalf the White appeared with Eomer and his riders. The survivors charged out of the gate, and Gimli blew the Horn of Helm Hammerhand, causing the Uruk-hai to be struck with fear. Together they managed to push to the Uruk-hai back, forcing them to retreat. The Uruk-hai are killed by Huorns (Ents that have turned into trees), on their route back to Isengard. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Repel the Uruk-hai army at Helm's Deep!

The walled fortress at Helm's Deep is under attack by the mighty Uruk-hai army. The forces of men, elves, and a dwarf must do everything they can to stop them from breaching the fortress walls. Can they prevent the Berserker Uruk-hai planting the bomb and blowing up the wall? Will they stop the enemy climbing up the siege ladders? The people of Rohan have never faced such a deadly threat! Includes 8 minifigures: Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir, King Théoden, Berserker Uruk-hai and 3 Uruk-hai.

  • Includes 8 minifigures: Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir, King Théoden, Berserker Uruk-hai and 3 Uruk-hai
  • Weapons include swords, double-bladed axe, single-bladed axe, bow, shield, sword and Uruk-hai weapons
  • Helm's Deep fortress features outer ring, tower with horn, opening main gate, exploding wall, side door attack function, catapult
  • Also includes siege ladder, bomb, and horse
  • Launch a surprise attack from the hidden door!
  • Repel the enemy with the catapult!
  • Climb the tower and blow The Horn of Helm Hammerhand!
  • Explode the wall!
  • Combine with 9471 Uruk-hai™ Army and build up your army for even greater battles!
  • Fortress measures 6" (14cm) high and 20" (52cm) wide
  • Tower measures 9" (22cm) high and 3" (9cm) wide


Minifigures Included

AragornGimliHaldirKing ThéodenUruk-hai (Helmet)Uruk-hai (Helmet and armour)Uruk-hai (Helmet and armour)Berserker Uruk-Hai




The Battle of Helm's Deep

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