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9551 Kendo Cole is a Ninjago booster pack released in January 2012.


The set includes the minifigure Cole in his kendo armor. It also comes with a gold-bladed saw staff, a silver double-striker, and a Bo staff. It comes with two walls to put on a spinner and 3 chains to go on the bottom of a spinner. He also comes with a piece to bump up a spinner. It comes with the battle cards Liquify: 500 fire, Remove opponent's crown. Flash'n'burn, Golden weapon, 200 earth. Rock Force, 400 earth, build shields, chains and pillar on spinner until a player wins, then remove. Backup Plan, 100 fire 100 lightning 100 earth 100 ice, shuffle your remaining cards and draw 4 new ones. As well as his character card, which is 300 fire, 200 lightning, 300 earth, and 200 ice.

Minifigure Included



  • He can only play 2 of his cards without a boost card.
  • Kendo Cole also has an appearance in 9455 Fangpyre Mech, and 9457 Fangpyre Wrecking Ball.
  • Bytar's booster pack has similiar shields except that Bytar's are brown and the blades are black chains.
  • Kendo Cole is the most abundant kendo making appearances in three sets while the other kendo's appear only in two sets.

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