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9552 Lloyd Garmadon is a Ninjago booster pack released in January 2012.


This set includes Lloyd Garmadon in his first form. He has a shirt similar to Lord Garmadon, his father with the exception of a small green five on the upper left of his torso. His arms are black and his hands are yellow. He also has a cape, but one that's smaller than a normal cape.

This set also includes 3 weapons which are: a golden viper, a blinding staff, and a spear of forked-tongues.

It also includes the battle cards Fearless (stand character on 2 studs until a player wins), White Out (opponent can only play ice cards until a player wins), Crown of Lightning (build or remove a crown on any spinner), and Whip Attack (build the 2 whips and fangs included onto your spinner until a player wins, then remove), as well as his character card, which has 200 fire, 400 lightning, 200 earth, and 200 ice Spinjitzu power.


  • Some official pictures show an exclusive orange piece to support Lloyd's height on a spinner. However, the brick is not included.
  • This is the only booster pack that includes neither a lift brick nor pieces that fit under the spinner.
  • This, 9567 Fang-Suei, and 9556 Bytar all have a golden viper.

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