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9555 Mezmo is a Ninjago Booster Pack released in June 2012. This Booster Pack includes Mezmo, a character card, four battle cards, a chained orange tooth (which consists of a stick, a chain and a fang similar to Lasha's though without the translucent green top), a pickaxe, a golden dual axe, two shields, three new purple snake "blades" and a brick to raise the spinner. Mezmo is also exclusive to this set.


  • Mezmo is exclusive to this set.
  • His golden weapon is the same weapon that Cole has in 9457 Fangpyre Wrecking Ball, but with white fangs instead of silver.

Minifigures Included

Cards Included

The cards included with 9555 Mezmo are as follows (source:

Snake Whips
Type- Earth
Cost- 400 SP
Card #- 72 Effect- Build the above on spinner until a player wins, then remove.
Other- Mezmo cannot play this card without first playing a card to boost his Earth SP.

Type- Lightning
Cost- 300 SP
Card #- 58
Effect- Add SP 300 to all four of your powers until a player wins. Immediately play another card.

Upper Hand
Type- Ice
Cost- 300 SP
Card #- 98
Effect- Choose one face-up card played by opponent. Use it until a player wins, then remove.

Sacred Flute
Type- All
Cost- 100 of each SP
Card #- 118
Effect- Opponent cannot play cards or use face-up crown cards until a player wins.


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