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9555 Mezmo is a Ninjago Booster Pack released in June 2012. This Booster Pack includes Mezmo, a character card, four battle cards, a chained orange tooth (which consists of a stick, a chain and a fang similar to Lasha's though without the translucent green top), a pickaxe, a golden dual axe, two shields, three new purple snake "blades" and a brick to raise the spinner. Mezmo is also exclusive to this set.


Minifigures Included

Cards Included

The cards included with 9555 Mezmo are as follows (source:

Snake Whips
Type- Earth
Cost- 400 SP
Card #- 72 Effect- Build the above on spinner until a player wins, then remove.
Other- Mezmo cannot play this card without first playing a card to boost his Earth SP.

Type- Lightning
Cost- 300 SP
Card #- 58
Effect- Add SP 300 to all four of your powers until a player wins. Immediately play another card.

Upper Hand
Type- Ice
Cost- 300 SP
Card #- 98
Effect- Choose one face-up card played by opponent. Use it until a player wins, then remove.

Sacred Flute
Type- All
Cost- 100 of each SP
Card #- 118
Effect- Opponent cannot play cards or use face-up crown cards until a player wins.


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