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9557 Lizaru is a Ninjago booster pack to be released in September 2012. It includes Lizaru, a character card, four battle cards, three of the new snake blades included in 9555 Mezmo, and 9591 Weapon Pack but in transparent neon green, two snake tail shields, a block to raise the spinner, and three weapons consisting of an axe, a golden double sided weapon with an axeblade and regular blade, and a silver flail. The cards included with 9557 Lizaru are as follows:

Poison Whips
Type- Fire
Cost- 100 SP
Card #- 44
Effect- Build the above on spinner until a player wins, then remove.

Type- Fire
Cost- 300 SP
Card #- 38
Effect- Add SP 200 to all four of your powers until a player wins. Immediately play another card.
Other- Lizaru cannot play this card without first playing a card to boost his Fire SP.

Spit Acid
Type- Lightning
Cost- 400 SP
Card #- 60
Effect- Choose two cards at random in opponent's hand. Opponent discards one of them.

Fair Fight
Type- All
Cost- 300 of each SP
Card #- 125
Effect- Both players discard all face-up crown cards. No other cards can be played until a player wins.
Other- Lizaru cannot play this card without first playing a card to boost his Fire SP and Earth SP.

Minifigures Included



  • This is the third booster pack to include a snake.
  • Lizaru is exclusive to this booster pack.
  • He has 100 Fire SP points, 500 Lightning SP points, 200 Earth SP points and 300 Ice SP points
  • The blades are similiar to 9555 Mezmo and 9591 Weapon Pack except they are green.
  • A poster for the Late June Ninjago Sets shows his name as Lizura. (The Poster can be seen here)
  • 9557 Lizaru, along with 9556 Bytar, was released early and is only available at Target.
  • In the Ninjago Character Encyclopedia, 9574 Lloyd ZX is seen using the horn attachments.