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9572 NRG-Cole is a Ninjago spinner set released in June 2012. The set will include an exclusive "NRG" version of Cole, a newly redesigned Scythe of Quakes, a spear, and a nin-jo.


Cole's spinner is metallic silver on the bottom, and a dark transparent colour on the top. The device used to attach the minifigure into the spinner is the same metallic colour as the lower section. A gold and black spinner crown with four short prongs is placed upon it. The weapons included are a spear, a nin-jo, and a golden scythe (possibly the Scythe of Quakes) made of a golden lightsaber blade (as a handle), a golden lightsaber hilt, and a golden blade.

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Spin your way to victory! NRG Cole has transformed into pure earth energy and is about to take his Spinjitzu skills to the next level! Use the 4 battle cards included in the set to influence the outcome!

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NRG Cole




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