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9628 Power Add-On Set is an add-on set to the 9632 Science & Technology Base Set. Using the battery box, the motor brings the models to life. The motor can be turned on/off either clockwise or counter-clockwise, and its direction of rotation can be changed. Combine the 9632 Base Set and the 2009628 Activity Pack to carry out 4 new lesson plans, build 4 new models and solve 2 additional problem-solving tasks.

Key Learning Values

Working with powered Forces & Motion: Predicting and estimating the performance of simple machines.
Investigating forces, moving energy, gear and wheel arrangements, friction, speed and pulling power, etc.
Effects of levers, linkages, cams and cranks on movement and/or stability, etc.
Measuring speed, distance, time, weight, etc.

Brick Type

LEGO® System

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