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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Corruption << A Fragile Hope >> Once and for All

A Fragile Hope

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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A Fragile Hope is the one hundred and twenty-sixth episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the twenty-eighth episode of season eleven.


Following his capture by the Blizzard Samurai, Lloyd attempts to reason with Zane, only to find that his friend has no memory of their past together. General Vex claims that Lloyd is lying, and Lloyd then learns that Zane has spent decades in the Never-Realm in the short time he has been gone from Ninjago. Fearing that the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu has corrupted him, Lloyd tries to convince him to let go of it and then to take it from him, only to be subdued. Vex begs leave to finish Lloyd off, but the Ice Emperor orders him imprisoned instead, which Grimfax takes note of.

Out in the wilds, the other Ninja and Krag locate the Land Bounty while being pursued by wolves, and quickly set about getting it functional again. Lloyd awakens in a cell and learns that the neighboring cell is occupied by Akita's brother, Kataru, who is astonished to learn that his sister is still alive and free. Kataru reveals that Boreal brought him to the Ice Castle rather than killing him as Akita feared. Vex then appears to taunt the prisoners, and Kataru despairs over their chances of being reunited with their friends.

The other Ninja and Krag, menaced by the wolves, manage to get the Land Bounty moving at last and set off for the castle. Grimfax then sneaks past Vex to the cells and, upon hearing Lloyd's claims of Zane's good nature and his belief that he can be saved, frees the pair and joins their cause.


  • Lloyd mentions turning Zane's gi pink, which occurred in the season one episode Can of Worms.