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LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

A Hero Discovered >> The Mines of Graballa

A Hero Discovered
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LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

Season №:


Episode №:



Michael Hegner

First released/aired:

June 20, 2016


Star Wars


A Hero Discovered is the first episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.


Darth Vader presents a hologram of the second Death Star to Emperor Palpatine, who is less than impressed given the destruction of the previous Death Star due in part to Vader's own defeat. However, Vader then informs him of a weapon they have learned of from the Jedi Temple archives, but reports that there is a problem: the weapon is in pieces. Determined to possess it, Palpatine orders his forces to seek it out. Elsewhere, in the midst of a battle between Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance starfighters, the StarScavenger owned and operated by Kordi, Zander, and Rowan Freemaker flies in to scoop up parts for use in constructing ships. The family flees after their activities are noticed due to Rowan's accidental firing of the StarScavenger's guns, and return to their home on The Wheel space station only to find that their landlord Furlac has blocked off their hangar.

They are able to convince him to give them one more day to come up with the money for rent, and begin using their latest acquisitions to build a new ship only for Rowan to accidentally destroy it. Desperate, they turn to completing one of Zander's "Uglies" (or as he prefers, Z-Wings), but require a Clone Wars-era component to do so. To that end, they call upon their Battle Droid R0-GR, who directs them to one of the planets he fought on during the Clone Wars, where Rowan is instructed to remain aboard the StarScavenger only to leave after spotting Stormtroopers in order to warn his siblings. Falling into a cavern, Rowan hears a mysterious call and follows it to a pedestal on which sits an ancient swordhilt with a piece of crystal embedded in it. He and Roger are then attacked by a Dianoga, only to be saved by a woman who introduces herself as Naare, a surviving Jedi.

While Kordi and Zander are apprehended by the Stormtroopers when they mistake an Imperial vehicle for a Clone Wars relic, Naare explains to Rowan the history of the Kyber Saber, which was created by Jedi Master Baird Kantoo. Becoming fearful of the weapon's great power, Kantoo had split its crystal blade into pieces and scattered them around the galaxy, but Naare informs Rowan that the Emperor is seeking them. Naare seeks to train Rowan to harness his unique connection to the crystals, but first the pair rescue Kordi and Zander from the Imperials, after which Naare uses the Force to get Furlac off the Freemakers' back for the present. Taking up residence in a neighboring shop, Naare then reveals her true colors in contacting Palpatine, for whom she is a Sith operative assigned to collect the pieces of the Kyber Saber.