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Aaron Fox is a Nexo Knights minifigure that was released in 2016.


Aaron, like all the other Nexo Knights, has a newly-molded helmet and shoulder armor that depicts his trademark fox crest on his torso. His suit's torso and legs are a gray color, while his arms are a silver and his hips and hands a green color. He is complete with orange highlights. He sports an orange goatee and dark orange hair with a pair of headphones. Aaron is a thrill seeker who is one of the Nexo Knights in a quest to save Knighton from Jestro.


His ultimate form has the same armor and helmet, but in transparent green. The design of his torso and legs is the same than in his regular form with green and dark green replacing the grey and silver colors.


Aaron is one of the Nexo Knights. He is fearless, good at video games and more inclined to the technological side of his training, using his shield as a flying hoverboard. Descriptions This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Strengh: 6/10
Funny 9/10
Chivalry 6/10
Coolness 10/10

Description The chilled-out thrill-seeker
Weapon Blazer Bow
Vehicles Aero Striker V2
Skills Hover-shield riding, bow shooting
Dislikes Boring stuff
Likes Video games, Knightkour

Aaron was born and raised by the sea and he has a simple goal in life. Find the ultimate thrill. Right now it is riding his cool hover board while fighting evil lava monsters. Pretty cool, right? Not to mention dangerous! But as Aaron says; no danger, no fun! In the rare occasion that Aaron needs to chill, he likes to play computer games with Axl or just ‘vegging’ on the couch. He never sits still for long before he is out there again, chasing the next thrill.

Gallery of Variants

NexoKnights Aaron
Aaron Ultimate
Aaron Fox 2017
Aaron Fox Battle Suit
2018 Aaron
RegularUltimate2017 armorBattle Suit2018 armor


Video Game Appearances



  • His name is a pun on "arrow".
  • He shares some similarities with Rascus; Both are primarily green knights that are always smiling.
  • At SDCC 2016, it was revealed that Aaron was loosely based off Marty McFly from Back to the Future and named after Michael J. Fox.
  • His emblem is borrowed from the Classic Castle theme, Wolfpack, from 1992.
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