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Action Forest is an episode of the Unikitty! animated series.


Hawkodile "saves" Unikitty and friends from various supposed hazards at a picnic, only to be attacked by a foe who reveals himself as Eagleator. The rival fighter manages to overpower Hawkodile and steal his shades, and challenges Hawkodile to face him at their old dojo if he wants them back. Now forced to wear a blindfold, Hawkodile reveals that he and Eagleator were once friends who trained together as action heroes in the Action Forest. However, when only Hawkodile was given action hero sunglasses, Eagleator was consumed with jealousy and turned against their sensei and the rest of the dojo. Hawkodile took up his bodyguard career after defeating his old friend, who swore revenge.

Unable to face Eagleator without being able to see, Hawkodile reluctantly decides to train Unikitty, Richard, Dr. Fox, and Puppycorn to battle Eagleator. He takes the group to the Action Forest, but unfortunately his "training" doesn't include teaching his friends how to fight. Forced to fight himself, Hawkodile decides to follow Unikitty's advice and hugs his former friend in an attempt to reconcile. Sadly, Eagleator remains belligerent, and Unikitty defeats him by transforming into Angry Kitty. Hawkodile is then able to reclaim his shades, while Eagleator departs and vows to return for the shades.


  • This episode is a fairly obvious parody of the action hero genre seen in various video games, films, and TV series.
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