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This article is about the daughter of an admiral in the 2009 Pirates theme. For the daughter of the governor, see Leigh Tierney.

The Admiral's Daughter,[1] named Miranda Valentina,[2][3] is a Pirates minifigure introduced in 2009.


The Admiral's Daughter wears a long white dress, represented with a 2x2x2 slope brick in lieu of minifigure legs. Her dress is decorated with blue sparkles, laces, and ribbons. She has long black hair, masking her alternate scared facial expression.


Miranda Valentina is the daughter of an unidentified imperial admiral, implicitly named Admiral Valentina.

Although the box art and product description for 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty suggests that the antagonistic pirates will force the Admiral's Daughter to walk the plank unless the Royal Navy rescues her, the set's comic reveals that she actually has a friendlier relationship with the pirates. While the Royal Navy is busy retrieving a treasure chest, the Admiral's Daughter is floundering in the ocean and being chased by a shark. The Gunman alerts the other pirates, who rescue her from the shark, and then Captain Brickbeard fires his flintlock pistol to signal the Royal Navy. The imperials hand over the treasure in exchange for the Admiral's Daughter, but she and Brickbeard cordially wave goodbye to one another while she is rowed back to the Royal Navy ship.

In contrast, the LEGOLAND Parks water ski show Battle for Brickbeard's Bounty: A Pirates' Cove Ski Adventure portrays Miranda Valentina and Captain Brickbeard as staunch enemies. One day, Miranda captured Brickbeard's crew and ship, and she offered Salty the Sailor the chance to serve the Imperial Guards. Now, Miranda and her loyal Imperial Soldiers guard Pirates' Cove, where the captured Brickbeard's Bounty is currently docked. She catches one pirate and forces him to walks the plank, but he makes a getaway and more pirates appear, so she leaves the dock to start patrolling the area. After Brickbeard and his pirates seize control of Pirates' Cove, Miranda returns with the key to free her captured soldiers. As Brickbeard and the defeated pirates flee, Miranda claps her hands to call Sawtooth the Shark and chase them away.