Adventurers' Island,[1][2][3] also known as Adventurers Island,[4] Adventurer's Island,[5] or Adventure Island,[6][7] is an island located in the Phanta Sea near LEGO Island. It was based on the theme Adventurers, and was featured in all versions of the 2001 video game LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge.


PC / PlayStation

When the Brickster escaped the LEGO Island jail and tore out pages of the Constructopedia, three pages were found on Adventurers' Island. Pepper Roni arrived on the island via police helicopter, and Johnny Thunder explained that the Adventurers would help him if he helped defend them from gem-stealing serpents. Pepper manned a coconut cannon in the back of the Desert Scorpion car to keep the desert snakes at bay, while Johnny Thunder and Miss Pippin Read drove across the desert back to the Pyramid Area.

At the Pyramid Area, they met up with Dr. Kilroy at the sphinx. Pepper Roni entered the sphinx and whacked the snakes with an oar while snatching more gems for the Adventurers. The Infomaniac contacted Pepper's radio, and he explained that a Constructopedia page was spotted in the Mummies' Tomb. Johnny Thunder told Pepper that the Adventurers would be making their way towards the Oasis, and that Dr. Kilroy would loan his Desert Speedster to Pepper. Pepper traveled inside the tomb, found the key in the Room of the Matching Mummies, grabbed the Constructopedia page, and escaped before Queen Legotiti's boulder could crush him. Then, Pepper drove Dr. Kilroy's Desert Speedster to the Oasis.

At the Oasis, Pepper met the Old Fisherman. The Old Fisherman had seen a Constructopedia page swallowed by Big Bertha. He gave Pepper his fishing pole, and Pepper was able to catch Big Bertha and retrieve the Constructopedia page. When Pepper rejoined the Adventurers at a landing strip, Dr. Kilroy was suffering heat exposure. Johnny Thunder explained that they would be flying the Sea Plane to cool off Dr. Kilroy, while Pepper followed them in a Bi-Plane. They flew through the jungle, passing fruit-throwing monkeys, boulder-hurling Rock Monsters, and Amazon temples, before landing at a jungle outpost.

The fully-recovered Dr. Kilroy learned from a T-Rex that Mr. Hates had captured many dinosaurs and was holding them hostage in his main camp. Pepper rode the T-Rex's back to Mr. Hates' Camp, where Mr. Hates revealed his Constructopedia page to Pepper. Using a hot air balloon's winch and cable, Pepper Roni rescued the dinosaurs, then dropped sandbags onto Mr. Hates' head to help Bronto liberate itself. Mr. Hates surrendered, giving Pepper the Constructopedia page.

The dinosaurs and Pepper returned to the jungle outpost and native village, where they found the Adventurers and Islanders celebrating. Johnny Thunder then arranged passage for Pepper to return to LEGO Island on the back of a Pteranodon.

Game Boy Color

According to Johnny Thunder's Journal, the first week of the Adventurers' expedition ended with the discovery of a large stone building in the jungle and a crashed Res-Q helicopter nearby. The expedition was called off after the second week due to poor weather conditions, although Johnny mapped the area and hoped to return when the weather improved.

Upon arriving on Adventurers Island, Pepper Roni was instructed by Gabarro to speak with Señor Palomar at the tavern. Upon learning about the Brickster's escape, Palomar immediately warned the Imperial Guards. However, Palomar also blamed Pepper and ordered the Imperial Guards to arrest him. Pippin Read opened Pepper's cell door to help him escape, and Pepper was able to stealthy sneak past the Imperial Guards and Imperial Soldiers to make it outside, where Pippin gave him the key to the gates leading to the jungle.

Pepper chased the Brickster throughout the jungle, dodging spiders and blowdarts, until he was stopped by Achu, who declared that his tribe's secrets were not meant to be seen by Pepper. Therefore, Achu magically sent Pepper to the Castle.

Game Boy Advance

Pepper Roni met Johnny Thunder on LEGO Island, and Johnny said that LEGO Island lacked the adventure that he was used to. Therefore, Johnny invited Pepper to come with him to Adventurer's Island.

At the Lost Pyramid, Pepper helped the Adventurers by matching the mummies hidden behind the doors of the King's Chamber. In pursuit of the Brickster, the Adventurers gave Pepper a T-Rex to ride to the jungle and catch up with the crook. Finally, Pepper needed to prove himself to Chief Legog and the villagers by playing the bongos, and then he could return to LEGO Island. Upon completing Adventurer's Island, Pepper earned the Railway Stations Page for the Constructopedia.

Pepper's Skateboard Challenge

To settle Pepper Roni and the Brickster's skateboard challenge, Miss Pippin Read flew them to Adventure Island. Pepper, Brickster, and Pippin skateboarded on the Dirt Dash, Ruined Road, and Jungle Rumble tracks.

Soccer Mania

The Brickster had stolen the LEGO Cup and was being chased by the player's soccer team using the Arctic team's skidoos. The player's team arrived at the Aztec Village on Adventure Island and played a soccer match against the Adventurers Villains team. After the Adventurers Villains lost, they claimed no knowledge of the Brickster's whereabouts, but the player's team saw the Brickster heading towards the coast and continued the chase.


Adventurers' Island consists mainly of three expansive environments: desert, jungle, and volcanoes. Each of these areas seems to correspond with one of the Adventurers subthemes: Egypt, Jungle, and Dino Island, although the jungle environment has considerable overlap between the latter two subthemes.

The Pyramid Area[8] and Oasis are located in the desert. The Pyramid Area features a large sphinx (similar in appearance to 5978 Sphinx Secret Surprise), the Mummies' Tomb (alternatively called the Matching Mummies' Tomb, Mummies Tomb,[3] or Mummy's Tomb;[9] and known as the Lost Pyramid in the GBA version), and the Adventurers Tomb (which has a blocked-off interior only accessible through glitches or hacking). Other sphinxes and Adventurers Tombs, along with architecture from 5919 Treasure Tomb, can be seen throughout the desert during the Snake Pursuit and Desert Speedster minigames.

The Rock Monsters' Cave[3][Note 1] can be found in the jungle, and is inhabited by Rock Monsters identical to those from Rock Raiders.

Dino-Park[3] is the area inhabited by dinosaurs, and is also the region where Mr. Hates has established his Main Camp for capturing the prehistoric creatures.

Dirt Dash is a desert skateboarding track with canyons, caves, cacti, and cavernous catacombs. The Ruined Road runs along the ruins of an ancient city of Adventure Island. Jungle Rumble is the most treacherous track located deep in the jungle, where Adventure Island's secrets are guarded by ancient temples.

The Aztec Village is where the Adventures Villains play a soccer match. Despite its name, it appears to be an Egyptian desert-themed location instead of an Amazon jungle-themed location.


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Citation Notes

  1. The LEGO Mania Magazine ad mentions the Rock Monsters' Cave in a blurb specifically about Adventurers' Island, alongside the Mummies Tomb and the gem-stealing serpents, suggesting that it is referring to the section from the Bi-Plane minigame. However, it may actually be referring to a separate subarea from the Rock Raiders Island that was cut from the final product, as detailed in the game's Design Document Revision Number: 1.01.