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I brake for no one!

Agent Max Burns is a minifigure in the Ultra Agents theme. According to a LEGO Club magazine, he is the driver of the crew.


Agent Max has a black torso with tuxedo printing that also includes an Ultra Agents badge. Onto that he has black arms with yellow hands. Max's black hip-piece and legs are also printed to have a belt and chain in flat silver (right leg). He has orange hair which covers the back of his head and swoops above his eyes. The hairstyle has also been on minifigures like Ron Weasley, the Skater and several others. Max has a dual-sided head, one side depicting a happy expression and another is a scowl. His accessories include a white stud shooter.


Agent Max is a rookie to the Ultra Agents and is the professional driver of the team. He is seen with his Quad bike/boat in the Riverside Raid set. Later he becomes an Elite Agent. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)


7 times world champion, stunt driver Max Burns can outmaneuver, outrace, and out-ram any driver in Astor City. Dauntless and gifted with lightning reflexes, Burns has more than once saved the day for the Ultra Agents.



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Max Burns character full body
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