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The Agile Archer is a minifigure that was released as part of the Team GB Minifigures series.


The agile archer has a hairpiece which is also used on the Superman minifigure but in a different color, orange, and has a yellow head featuring brown eyebrows and a closed left eye. The torso piece is white, and features a white shirt with the Team GB logo on it, and also a blue plastron or chestguard over the left side of the chest area. The torso has yellow arms and a yellow right hand to represent skin, however the left hand is black to represent a glove. This minifigure's leg piece is blue with a white stripe running down each side. The Agile Archer also, like all Team GB Minifigures, comes with a white display stand with blue Olympic Games printing on it, and a gold medal with a red ribbon.


  • It was the first time Superman's hair is reused.
  • His face is similar to the Sailor's.

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Agile Archer

Complete with bow in hand, let’s hope this little fella will be on target on the day!


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