Class 4 article

Aira Windwhistler is an Elves mini-doll figure released in 2015. She is a wind elf.


Aira the wind elf is like a breath of fresh air. She is always happy, hyperactive and charismatic. She loves to solve problems here and now, so everyone can move on, and with her great knowledge she is often able to solve technical issues. People-problems however are more complicated, and her tendency to tell the blunt truth with horrible timing is not always regarded as helpful.

  • Powers: Controls air and wind, but sometimes she has to be reminded of that.
  • Strengths: Active, quick, very good at technical problems, smart, confident, bright, encouraging, ingenious, creative and inventive.
  • Flaws: A bit too honest and she loves gossip. She is terribly unmusical, has no patience and is not the world’s best listener.
  • Skills: Controls the wind and has a special connection with flying creatures.
  • Favorite things: Gadgets, inventions and mechanisms.
  • Did you know: She lives in the mountains with her bird friend Pluma.



Gallery of Variants

41073 Aira.jpg
Aira Windwhistler 2017.png
Aira 2018.png