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This article is about the LEGOLAND subtheme. For other uses, see Airport (disambiguation).

Airport is a subtheme of the LEGOLAND (Theme), which ran from 1970 until 1978. There are twenty-four sets released in total.

Sets Included

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1550-Sterling Super Caravelle box1550Sterling Super Caravelle49 1972
1551 Sterling Luggage Carrier1551Sterling Luggage Carrier49 1972
1552-Sterling Boeing 727 Box1552Sterling Boeing 72746 1974
1555-Sterling Airways Biplane Box1555Sterling Airways Biplane44 1978
1560-Lufthansa Boeing 7271560Lufthansa Boeing 72745 1976
1562-Lufthansa Double-Decker1562Lufthansa Double-Decker51 1976
1610-Martinair Cessna1610Martinair Cessna83 1978
1611-Martinair DC-91611Martinair DC-964 1978
371-Seaplane371Seaplane1152 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1977
430-Biplane b430Biplane18 1975
455-Lear Jet455Lear Jet39 1976
456-Spirit of St. Louis box456Spirit of St. Louis50 1977
4620-14620A.I.R. Operations HQ165Jack Stone , Res-Q Worker , Pilot , Crewman , Assistant$70.002002
Lego609609Aeroplane28 1972
613-Biplaneb613Biplane18 1974
622-Baggage Carts622Baggage Carts45 1970
657-Executive Jet657Executive Jet37 1974
661box661Spirit of St. Louis50 1976
6615-16615Eagle Stunt Flyer761$7.991996
Airport bundle66156City Exclusive Pack1123 2006
66260 Box66260Air Freight Value Pack10246 2008
687-Caravelle Plane687Caravelle Plane49 1973
698-JAL Boeing 727698JAL Boeing 72746 1977
712-1712Sea Plane1152 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1976
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