Alice is a minifigure released in 2016


Alice first appears in Walt Disney's 1951 film, Alice in Wonderland that was based on the books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll. Carroll created Alice after telling his story to three young sisters who were daughters of a friend; one of these young girls, Alice Pleasance Liddell, was the main inspiration for Alice's character. Alice made her literary debut in Wonderland's first publication on July 4, 1865. However, she first appeared (unofficially) in writing on November 26, 1864 as a gift to the real Alice Liddell.

In the film, Alice slips away from an afternoon lesson with her older sister to follow the White Rabbit out of curiosity. Tumbling down the rabbit hole, Alice arrives in Wonderland and explores the strange world, meeting and befriending many of the residents along the way. Not long after, Alice walks in a hedge maze and spots a trio of Spades playing cards coloring white roses with red paint. The cards explain to her that they had accidentally planted white roses in the garden and are quickly trying to remedy the mistake before the Queen of Hearts finds out. Alice offers to assist them in their work, but it was not long until the Queen shows up. Enraged at the cards, the Queen sends the them to be executed, but Alice pleas for the Queen to reconsider. However, the Queen forces Alice into a game of croquet. During the game, the Cheshire Cat appears to Alice and her alone, incensing the Queen's anger by Alice's claims the cat was there. When the Cheshire Cat plays a trick on the Queen, Alice was blamed and sent to trial. At the nonsensical trial, Alice insults the Queen and flees the courtroom once the latter sent her guards after her. When she reached the Doorknob, she peeks though the keyhole and sees herself asleep under a tree. As the infuriated inhabitants of Wonderland advance on her, Alice awakens to her sister's command for her to recite her history lesson. Dazed, Alice only spouts out some nonsensical poetry, much to her sister's exhaustion. In the end, Alice then picks up her cat Dinah and they all return home for tea time.


  • She is one of two minifigures wearing the new skirt piece, the other being Minnie Mouse in the same Minifigures series.