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Alien Conquest is a Space theme released in May 2011. The theme features a large invasion force of aliens attacking earth and attempting to steal all the brainpower from the humans, a first for LEGO. This is the first Space theme to use this premise, with preceding Space themes involving astronauts battling aliens on other planets or meeting more friendly alien lifeforms, such as Martians. This was be the second line of sets released in 2011 with a Space ethos; the other was a subtheme of City. The team of astronauts is known as the ADU, or "Alien Defence Unit".[1]


According to a comic in the November - December 2011 edition of LEGO Club Magazine, the story of Alien Conquest ties in with multiple themes. It is shown that the aliens first attempt at world domination was with the Atlantis Guardians, who are most likely alien in their nature themselves. Another attempt was when Alien Commander assisted Amset-Ra in creating the 5 Golden Treasures sought after in Pharaoh's Quest. However, after Amset-Ra was apprehended by Jake Raines and his crew, and the The Golden King was saved from the evil Atlantis Guardians, Commander Hypaxxus-8 launched a full-scale attack on Earth, preparing to abduct all the humans, use their brains as fuel for their Solar-Galactic Batteries and enslave them as mindless zombies. However, when the ADU (Alien Defense Unit) is formed, the battle for the fate of the Earth begins. However, in the comic's climax, Hypaxxus unleashes his master plan- he first travels to the City of Atlantis and kidnaps the Golden King to use his 5 Trident Jewels as a source of power, and later goes back in time and rescues Amset-Ra, who joins him with the treasures. Together, the two of them planned to use the power to finally control the world, however they are once again upstaged when the ADU fights back and forces them to retreat. Thinking they were defeated yet again, Amset-Ra becomes furious at Hypaxxus-8 for another failure. But he reveals he has another plan for world domination, which apparently, would tie in with the Dino theme.



Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
7049 alt1.png7049Alien Striker42ADU Pilot, Alien Trooper$4.99 / €3.99May 2011
7050 alt1.png7050Alien Defender105Alien Pilot, ADU Computer Specialist$9.99 / €9.99May 2011
7051 alt1.png7051Tripod Invader166Alien Trooper, Business Man, Alien Clinger$19.99 / €19.99May 2011
7052 alt1.jpg7052UFO Abduction211Farmer, ADU Sergeant, Alien Pilot$29.99 / €29.99May 2011
7065 alt1.png7065Alien Mothership416Alien Commander, Lotta Brix, Alien Clinger$59.99 / €59.99May 2011
7066boxjpg.jpg7066Earth Defense HQ879ADU Sergeant,

ADU Soldier, ADU Scientist, Alien Android, Alien Trooper,

Alien Clinger
$89.99 / €99.99May 2011
7067 alt1.png7067Jet-Copter Encounter375ADU Rookie, Alien Pilot (2×)$39.99May 2011


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
30140.jpg30140ADU Walker34ADU Computer Specialist 2011
Gt 150-30141 gr.jpg30141Jet-Pack19ADU Rookie 2011


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
Gstk153.jpgSticker,Alien Conquest Sheet of 101 2011
Atlastalpak.jpg853301Alien Conquest Battle Pack31Business Man, ADU Pilot, ADU Computer Specialist, Alien Trooper, Alien Pilot$14.99 / €9.99June 1, 2011



ADU Members

Online games

A total of six online games were available on the official Alien Conquest website.

The focus of this game is to shoot down UFOs shaped like the UFO in 7052 UFO Abduction.

The game "Shooting Challenge" from

You have four missiles that must reload before you can shoot them again. Forty UFOs will pass by and you are graded by how many you shoot down.

This game is similar to the classic "Whack a mole" game. You have to whack as many as you can of the 40 aliens that pop up out of craters in the ground. You do so by clicking on them.

This game asks you a series of questions with visual components, and grades you on how well you do.

In this game you can either play as the aliens and abduct humans, or you can play as the ADU and fight of the aliens.

In this game you have to shoot down aliens in walkers. Some Collectable Minifigures are present. (To be abducted by the aliens)

The player is an Alien, and the goal is to capture a certain amount of humans. The game starts with a news report about the alien invasion, and then continues on to the actual game.


Alien Messages on AC site


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  • This theme introduced the microphone, syringe, and the ray gun to mainstream LEGO sets after their initial introduction in the Minifigures theme.
  • The sets were released on May 10, 2011.[2]
  • An official Alien Conquest teaser was released on the official AC website about a month before the sets launched.
  • If you sit on the home page, messages from the aliens will start to pop up.
  • It is the first theme yet to have aliens battle over Earth.
  • There are 5 different aliens and 6 different ADU officers.
  • According to Mark Stafford a second wave of Alien Conquest was planned to be released in 2012, but it was later cancelled in favor of introducing too many new different LEGO set themes.[source?]
  • On the prototype pictures the vehicles contain word "ADF" rather then "ADU". "ADF" probably stands for "Alien Defense Force".
  • The Minifigures theme contains several references to Alien Conquest. Most notably, the Series 7 Galaxy Patrol's bio references the Pluuvian Brain-Beasts, and the Series 8 Alien Villainess heavily resembles a female version of Alien Commander and is implied to be part of the same species.
  • In the AC commercial (which can be watched [2]) the TV reporter has brown hair instead of black.
  • According to an ADU sergeant, there are 3 million aliens attacking Earth.
  • One LEGO Club magazine indicated that Alien Conquest takes place in New York and LEGO City.



LEGO Alien Conquest Teaser

Official Alien Conquest Teaser for 2011


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