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The Alien Cyborg, also known as the Alien Android and Alien Pirate, is an Alien Conquest minifigure released in 2011. He appears exclusively to the set 7066 Earth Defence HQ. He is made of cybernetic arm and leg pieces, with his cybernetic right eye.


The Alien Cyborg has the same type of head as the Alien Commander and the Alien Villainess from the Collectible Minifigures, but with different printing. He also has multiple robotic body parts; a "metal" peg-leg, arm and one eye, while the torso printing continues the half-cybernetic pattern. The head is made up of three elements; the face, a normal, transparent green minifigure head and the green brain piece, which fits over the skin and head. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Alien Cyborg
"There are approximately 6.9 billion human beings on the planet Earth. By my calculations, the collected brainpower of the human population will be enough to power our invasion fleet for 82.4 galactic time units. Your planetary defenses stand zero chance of opposing the alien fleet. Do not attempt to stop us. Do not attempt to behave illogically. I assure you that unpredictable actions will not cre-ate feed-back in bzzt my cir-cuits kzzz blb Al-i-en An-droid sys-tem shut-ting down for re-boot zkt."



  • In the set description for 7066 Earth Defence HQ, he is referred to as an Alien Pirate.
  • According to, a birthday cake can defeat him (Most likely due to the fact that birthdays are considered illogical by robots in fiction, due to having "no emotion").
  • He is one of three minifigures exclusive to the set 7066 Earth Defense HQ.
  • In the CGI images, the stud on his gun is yellow, but on his physical appearance, it is yellow-green.


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