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An Alien Mantizoid is a Galaxy Squad minifigure released in 2013 and one of the multiple antagonists of the Galaxy Squad theme.


Alien Mantizoid's have a custom molded head with antennas, four eyes and a red mandible which extends beyond the main mold of the head. The torso and legs both have printing. The torso is primarily green and has several shades of green to give the impression of a layered abdomen. The leg piece has limited printing but is primarily olive green. The arms do not have any printing and are completely green. The hand pieces are both red.



  • In LEGO Shop At Home catalog, it is mistakenly named the Alien Mosquitoid.
  • Both sets with a Mantizoid included also include an Insectoid Larva. This may hint that the Alien Mantizoids are tasked with the job of defending the larvae.


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