Class 3 article

Andrew is a Friends Mini-doll figure. He appears in two sets.


Andrew has blond wavy hair and a light nougat skin. His head is printed with a smile that shows his teeth, light-blue eyes, and thin black eyebrows. Like all the Friends Mini-doll figures he has a nose.
In both sets he appears so far he is dressed in a light blue short-sleeved shirt with a dark blue collar, buttons at the top, and a dark blue sail boat on the left, combined with long dark blue jeans and white sneakers, with dark blue at front and light blue laces.
The only difference between Andrew's outfits is that in 41015 Dolphin Cruiser he has no headwear, so his blond hairpiece is visible, but in 41056 Heartlake News Van he has a blue baseball cap with headphones instead.


Andrew goes on the Dolphin Cruiser with his friends Mia and Maya and they explore the seas to look at dolphins. He is also a camera operator filming Emma, who works as a reporter for Heartlake News. He is also the news van driver.


  • His legs are identical to the ones used for Stephanie's soccer uniform in the set 41015 Dolphin Cruiser.
  • Like Peter and Matthew, he reuses an existing minifigure hairpiece; in this case, it is the Surfer's.
  • He looks similar to Jacob (a character from TV show LEGO Friends of Heartlake City), but with blonde hair rather than brown and a black sailboat on his shirt instead of a white airplane.
  • Andrew and Kate are the only Mini Dolls to appear in more than one set, except for the core set of five Friends. Both were introduced in 2013.