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|Title = Andy Droid
|Title = Andy Droid

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Andy Droid is a robot minifigure that appeared in the Space theme UFO. It appeared in the majority of the UFO sets.


Andy Droid has Minifigure legs, torso and head pieces with printings of electronics and Alien markings. The legs are black with printings on each of the legs and hip attaching piece. The torso is coloured black and the front is mostly surrounded with printings in different colours besides the torso's colour, black. The arms are red with the hands black, neither the hands or arms have any sort of printings shown. The head of the Minifigure is red and has no attachable on its head or around the neck. The printings of the head show a very robotic appearance, however, unlike most other Robot Minifigures, Andy Droid has a printed rectangular visor as a represented replacement for eyes and a printed respirator (similar looking to Darth Vaders) as a represented replacement for a mouth rather than most other robotic and non-robotic Minifigures with a regular mouth and two dotted eyes.


Andy Droid is the "brother" of Ann Droid. The magazine states that the UFO aliens reprogammed Andy to help them take over the galaxy, but every time Andy sees Ann, he gets a strange tingling in his memory banks. (According to the September-October 1997 issue of LEGO Mania Magazine.)



  • The printing on its legs is identical to that of the UFO Blue Droid.

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