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Angelica is a Pirates of the Caribbean minifigure that was released in the 2011 set, 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge.


Angelica has pale brown lips. She has a unique hairpiece with long, flowing hair like Syrena and Elizabeth Swann, but she also includes a large hat that is moulded over the hairpiece. She wears a green and gold waistcoat, and a white shirt. She also has black legs. She has a minifigure trophy printed to look like a Jack Sparrow voodoo doll.


Angelica was first introduced in the film, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Warning: Spoiler follows. Highlight section below to view content.
Angelica is the daughter of the dangerous and infamous pirate, Template:SpL. She faked being Template:SpL to recruit people to help her father find the Template:SpL. Angelica is still in love with Jack. She stopped Blackbeard from shooting Template:SpL and gets all of Blackbeard's youth from the fountain at the end of the movie. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Angelica is the beautiful pirate daughter of the bloodthirsty Captain Blackbeard and past love of Captain Jack Sparrow. She’s a con artist and a scoundrel that rivals Jack Sparrow in nearly every way. When she’s not disguised as Sparrow, she’s searching for him in the hopes that he can lead her to the Fountain of Youth and extend the life of her aging father. Although she’s got more than one reason for wanting to knock his block off.


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