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Ann Droid is a robot minifigure from the Exploriens theme. She has a translucent printed head and a translucent green light on top of her head. She is also seen with a grey helmet with a translucent green visor. Ann Droid was first introduced in 1996, and also featured as a racer (not a boss) in the first and fourth circuits of the video game LEGO Racers.


  • Ann Droid is a play on the word "Android."
  • Ann Droid's head is clear. It has a robotic face printing.
  • Oddly, Ann Droid's second variation has a similar Helmet, Head, Torso and legs to the Spyrius Droid.
  • Ann Droid also appears as a CPU racer in the first and fourth circuits of the video game LEGO Racers, appearing as her first variant. Her car set is available at the very start of the game, so can be built at the very start.
    • Her name in the Norwegian language version of the game is Roboten Anne. In the Spanish language version she is named Indradroid. In the Dutch language version it is Robotina. In the Italian language version it is Androide.
  • Ann is the "sister" of Andy Droid.
  • Ann Droid inspired the Explorien Bot outfit in LEGO Universe.


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