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This article is about the Disney Princess mini-doll figure. For the Friends figure, see Anna (Friends).

Anna is a Mini-Doll that was released in 2015.


Other Physical Appearances


Anna has a bonnet over her braided strawberry blond hair. She has a black torso with gold highlights, light aqua arms and dark azure hands and a blue dress. Her torso and dress are decorated with floral designs.


Anna is the sister of Queen Elsa. When Elsa goes into hiding, Anna helps her control her powers with the help of Kristoff and Olaf.

Gallery of Variants

White Dress Anna.png
41164 Anna.png
FrozenFrozen FeverCoronationCasual outfitFall FestivityTravelMinifigure


  • For 41148 Elsa's Magical Ice Palace, Anna is wearing her causal outfit seen at the end of the film. But her hair is not in braids, instead it is pulled up like her coronation outfit.
  • Actress Kristen Bell reprised the role of Anna in the TV series Lego Frozen Northern Lights.

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