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Indiana Jones, Ant-Man

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Part 62575pb01




2008, 2015

Ants are insects that have appeared in two Indiana Jones sets and one Ant-Man set. They are reddish black and dark grey dual-colour in the Indiana Jones sets, and a dark blue in Ant-Man. They haven't appeared in any sets since.

Role in Sets

In Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indiana Jones and the villainous Russians encounter deadly siafu ants (army ants). These ants unsuccessfully attempt to eat Indy and his friends, but are successful in devouring the brutal Colonel Dovchenko.

In Ant-Man, the play a more helpful role. Ant-Man controls them to help him. A larger, brick-built ant with wings also appears in the set (nicknamed "Anty" in the film.)


  • They have appeared in 3 sets, 2 from the Indiana Jones line, and 1 from Marvel.
  • The ant piece has only been produced in a dual-color scheme, and a single-color scheme.
  • They were originally going to make an appearance in LEGO Universe, but were scrapped.[source?]


The Ant is known as Part 62575pb01.


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