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Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

Antonia is a papergirl who lives in Ninjago City.


Antonia has red hair with some black streaks piled on top of her head, often concealed by a helmet when she's riding her bike.

Antonia’s hair resembles that of the City figure Daisy Kaboom, but in red and orange rather than orange and black.


Antonia debuted in "The News Never Sleeps!", helping new paperboy Lil' Nelson learn the ropes. Used to the constant turmoil in Ninjago City, she rides almost carelessly through attacking fire snakes and expresses total confidence in Samurai X's ability to deal with them. Later, after she and Nelson find Clutch Powers and learn that the Ninja are in danger, she reluctantly agrees to accompany Nelson to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to alert Master Wu. Her skill is demonstrated as she jumps a bridge that has crumbled, and with her encouragement Nelson is able to follow her lead. The pair then deliver their news to Wu before heading back to the city.

Antonia later appears in the Prime Empire Digital Shorts episode "Let's Dance!" taking Vlad Tutu's dance class with Nelson, Nya, and Jay.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

In "Papergirl", it is revealed that Antonia intends to leave the paper delivery force and get a job at an ice cream shop. When Nelson tries to persuade her not to go, she reveals that she feels she doesn't make a difference as a papergirl, and that she'll make more money at the store. As the pair go on their route, the city is invaded by Maaray Guards, which Antonia cites as further evidence of the turmoil in Ninjago City she is tired of putting up with. The two then watch as Prince Kalmaar and his forces emerge from the Explorer's Club with the Storm Amulet, only to be attacked by Master Wu and several allies.

In the ensuing confrontation, the Storm Amulet ends up in Antonia's bike basket, and at the urging of the Ninja she and Nelson race away in an effort to keep it out of Kalmaar's clutches. A high speed chase ensues, with Nelson continuing to urge Antonia on, until Kalmaar finally succeeds in obtaining the amulet. After questioning who, or what, Antonia is, and learning that she is an ordinary papergirl, Kalmaar notes with amusement that she has come nearer to thwarting his ambitions than anyone he has ever faced. After he departs, Antonia helps rescue Kai from a canal he fell into while battling Kalmaar, and is thanked by him and his friends for her contributions. Afterwards, Antonia informs a pleased Nelson that she has decided not to take her new job, having found new meaning as a member of the paper delivery squad.

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  • Antonia is based on a real-life Ninjago fan who wrote to Brent Miller, the voice actor for Zane, and informed him of her fatal medical condition. Having seen a video in which Miller read part of her letter, Ninjago writer Tommy Andreasen reached out to fellow creators and LEGO and arranged to create a Minifigure version of Antonia for the series, which Miller revealed in another video.