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This article is about the 2007 theme. For 1997 Aquazone subtheme, see Aquaraiders.

Aqua Raiders was a LEGO theme introduced in 2007. The theme comprised of seven sets as it lasted for only a limited matter of time, ranging from a small Deep Sea Treasure Hunter to a very large Aqua Base.


7776 The Shipwreck was reminiscent of the older Divers sets.

Aqua Raiders was one of the latest in a long line of underwater themes that goes back to 1995 when Aquazone was introduced. Unlike Aquazone, which was exclusively futuristic, Aqua Raiders was more reminiscent of a mix of that theme and Divers from 1997, a Town subtheme that featured present-day divers that went on underwater treasure hunts and explored the sea.

Unlike their predecessors, the divers of Aqua Raiders were only seeking treasure. The background story reveals that the theme is set in the Bermuda Triangle, where the divers utilize high-tech submarines and other special equipment to look for the lost treasure of an ancient king.

Most of the sets followed a common scheme. They contained the Aqua Raiders with a vessel of some kind, a segment of seafloor where a treasure was hidden and also a monstrous sea creature that stood between the divers and their loot. Other than those sea monsters, the sets did not include many other creatures.

It is possible that the divers were searching for Atlantis and came very close to finding it, since the Diver Skeleton in the Portal of Atlantis set has an Aqua Raiders helmet and in LEGO Atlantis: The Movie, they are on a mission to salvage a sub that turns out to be the Crab Crusher set.

Ocean Fun Facts

Vehicles and equipment

The Aqua Raiders have a variety of weapons and vehicles, which, according to the Aqua Raiders website, is the latest technology developed for underwater exploration.

Some of the subs were reminiscent of older LEGO vessels. Among them were two mini-submarines (included in 7775 Aquabase Invasion and 7776 The Shipwreck), which were slightly similar to the subs from Divers, a large submarine which essentially resembled a Creator set but had a more spacious and detailed interior, and a sleek combat-submarine, which shared some design traits with the subs from Alpha Team Mission Deep Sea. The complement of vehicles also comprised an underwater rover with robot arms and several scooters.

The diving gear (helmets, scuba-tanks and flippers) was the same that already appeared in Divers ten years earlier, with different colours. The same applies to the handheld harpoon guns. The subs and the base were equipped with spring-loaded guns that shot rubber-tipped projectiles.

All seven regular Aqua Raiders sets.


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The Aqua Raiders minifigures used unique torso pieces that were printed on both the front and the back. They also had black helmets printed with a blue trident on the top. There were four different heads used for the minifigs, and all of them had already appeared in earlier themes, such as Mars Mission.



Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
7770 box.jpg7770Deep Sea Treasure Hunter75Aqua Raider$4.99January 2007
7771 box.jpg7771Angler Ambush130Aqua Raider (2)$9.99 / €9.99January 2007
7772 box.jpg7772Lobster Strike223Aqua Raider (2)$19.99January 2007
7773 box.jpg7773Tiger Shark Attack339Aqua Raider (2)$29.99January 2007
7774 box.jpg7774Crab Crusher618Aqua Raider (2) , Skeleton$49.99January 2007
7775 box.jpg7775Aquabase Invasion840Aqua Raider (4) , Diver Skeleton$69.99January 2007
7776 box.jpg7776The Shipwreck241Aqua Raider (2), King Skeleton$24.99March 2007
851954 Aqua Raiders Stationery Set.jpg851954Aqua Raiders Stationery Set $6.992007
851955 Aqua Raiders Water Blaster.jpg851955Aqua Raiders Water Blaster1$16.992007
2336.pngWatchSet, Aqua Raiders  2007
K7775 Complete Aqua Raiders Collection.jpgK7775Complete Aqua Raiders Collection219015$179.95January 2007
K7776 Ultimage Aqua Raiders Collection.jpgK7776Ultimate Aqua Raiders Collection243118$199.99March 2007

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  • Aqua Raiders was introduced and discontinued in 2007, making it one of the shortest lasting LEGO themes.
  • Most of the Aqua Raiders sets were sold on from 24 Oct 2007 - 11 Sep 2008.

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