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The Aquanauts are one of the two factions that appeared with the introduction of Aquazone in 1995.

The Hydronauts from 1998 were called Aquanauts outside the US.


In the original Aquazone line, the heroic Aquanaut miners fought against the villainous Aquasharks and their leader Thresher for control of the crystal mines. The Aquanauts were a group of miners based at the Neptune Discovery Lab, who utillised submarines and submersibles of all shapes and sizes to look for Hydrolator crystals, presumably to make oxygen, or to sell.

The yellow base colour of the subs and the bowl-shaped cockpit pieces gave the Aquanauts a rather realistic appearance that was close to actual mini submarines. However, the second wave in 1996 brought a vessel that featured wheels.

Aquanaut Minifigures


An Aquanaut Commander Minifig

There are three Aquanaut minifigures, Jock Clouseau, the Diver and the Technician. All have standard black sleeves, zipped and belted suit with logo, white hips and blue legs. Also the standard top is the Aquanaut white diver suit, with built in propellor. Most have flippers and 2 knives as standard.

  • The Commander or Jock Clouseau has a head with freckles and a red headband with the letter C in the middle. They are usually in the drivers seat in subs, and have Trans-blue visors.
  • The Technician has a 'radio' head, with microphone, and a black visor.
  • The Diver has a head with ginger hair and green sunglasses. Black visor.


6195 Aquanaut Blue
6195 Aquanaut Black
6195 Aquanaut Blue 2
Commander/Jock ClouseauDiverTechnician

New or exclusive pieces


Some Aquanaut-Unique pieces

With the Aquanaut range came all sorts of new pieces, most notably the printed control panels and hinged panels, as pictured below. The Large Transparent Blue Dome is thought to be a new piece for Aquazone too. Many fans were pleased the panels were printed and did not rely on stickers.

One of the most important pieces introduced, in Aquazone, both for Aquazone and many other themes, was Part 52. These were Silver Crystals, which have been used in a large number or themes (and all of the Aquazone subthemes), ranging from Rock Raiders in 1999 to Power Miners in 2009.


Image # Set Number of pieces Minifigures Price Release
1728 Crystal Crawler 1728  Crystal Crawler  91  1     1996 
1749 Paravine 1749  Aquanaut Paravane  16  1   $2.00  1996 
1806 Underwater Scooter 1806  Underwater Scooter  16  1     1996 
1822 Box 1822  Sea Claw 7  192  Aquanaut (2)   $20.00  1995 
5160 5160  Aquazone Accessories  21     $3.00  1995 
6104-1 6104  Aquacessories / Aquanauts & Aquasharks  20  2   $3.00  1996 
6125 Box 6125  Sea Sprint 9 / Aquanaut Octopod  28  1 Aquanaut   $4.00  1995 
1728 Crystal Crawler 6145  Crystal Crawler  91  1   $11.99  1996 
6175 Box 6175  Crystal Explorer Sub / Aquanaut DSRV II  160  2   $33.00  1995 
6195 Box 6195  Neptune Discovery Lab / Aqua Dome 7  495  4   $88.99  1995 
Aqweird Aquanauts  Minifigure Pocket Clip  Aquanaut     1992 
Other appearances

The set 6494 Mystic Mountain Time Lab included an Aquanaut helmet assembly.

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