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This article is about the Aquazone subtheme. For the 2007 theme, see Aqua Raiders.

The Aquaraiders were a faction of Aquazone and were introduced in 1997. It has no relation to the 2007 theme of a similar name.


The Aquaraiders were the only Aquazone faction that had no antagonists. Rather than fight underwater foes as the former Aquanauts, the Aquaraiders were content with simply traveling the oceans and drilling for crystals. Their fleet consisted of three vessels in black with green accents and trans-neon green window pieces. The front windows sported stickers with angry eyes on them. The ships had accessories that looked like drills and grinders and had quite an exotic look for submarines. (Note that actual drills were not introduced until the release of Rock Raiders in 1999). One "ship" even featured an excavator bucket. Another one had wheels. The focus changed from simply collecting crystals to underwater mining.


The Aquaraiders, unlike the Aquanauts or Aquasharks, are not aligned as good or evil. They are known to scavenge and mine the seabed for crystals for their own purposes.


  • The sets did not appear in catalogues outside the US.
  • A new theme called "Aqua Raiders" was introduced in 2007 but contentwise it has no connection to the Aquazone subtheme, other than the general underwater setting.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
2160-12160Crystal Scavenger105Scavenger Sam$15.001997
2161 Aqua Dozer2161Aqua Dozer131Rocky the Reef Wrecker$25.001997
2162 Hydro Reef Wrecker 22162Hydro Reef Wrecker279Scavenger Sam, Rocky the Reef Wrecker$40.001997