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Arctic is a Town subtheme that was centered around arctic exploration. Most of the original sets were released in 2000 and discontinued during 2001. The theme comprised a total of ten sets. It briefly returned in 2003 and 2004 with a few gear sets. This subtheme was revived in 2014 through the City theme. However, instead of the word Arctic in the logo, there is a seal with the continent of Antarctica. The subtheme was revived again in 2018, this time referred to as Arctic Expedition in product descriptions.


This is the first Town subtheme that involved arctic explorers. Although the basic subject had already been touched before by a Technic theme (Arctic Action) and a Space subtheme (Ice Planet 2002), this was the most realistic take on the subject in the LEGO universe. The sets featured several snow vehicles and a research station. The release of the theme fell directly into an era wherein LEGO sets showed an especially high intention for younger audiences, and thus many of the models had a very simplistic design. They tended to have larger parts, but less total parts. The Arctic sets were used extensively on the Arctic level of the video game LEGO Racers 2, which has several bases, and almost all of the vehicles are drivable. Arctic was also used in 5784 Soccer Mania with 3 pitches based on the theme with slippery ice physics and 3 teams based on the theme's minifigs, Arctic Medics, Arctic Mechanics and Arctic Explorers.


A catalog scene from 2001.

The background story behind the theme involved meteors that were falling to Earth in locations around the Arctic. The explorers tracked down the impact sites to collect these meteors, which were transparent hollow rock pieces that contained exotic alien creatures, such as transparent orange scorpions.

This theme was the first to feature translucent blue Rocks with Craters, minifigure hoods with fur lining, and minifigure snowshoes. Many of the sets also had the first Polar Bears.

2000s Sets[]

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
4271453-14271453Arctic Food Placemat - Blue1 2004
6520 Mobile Outpost6520Mobile Outpost216Scooter, Captain Ross$30.002000
6569 Polar Explorer6569Polar Explorer76Captain Ross (2), Polar Bear$10.002000
65706570Snowmobile Scooter Would have been 2000
65736573Arctic Expedition119Cosmo, Scooter$14.992000
6575 Box6575Polar Base435Captain Ross, Scooter, Cosmo, Arctic Medic, Arctic Pilot, Arctic Explorer$59.992000
6576-16576Sledge Captain Ross, Crystal 2000
6577 Box6577Snow Scooter20Scooter$2.002000
6578 Polar Explorer6578Polar Explorer21Captain Ross 2000
6579-16579Ice Surfer42Scooter$4.992000
65866586Polar Scout56Captain Ross, Polar Bear$4.99Q1 2000
6626 Snow Scooter6626Snowmobile20Scooter$1.992000

2014 Sets[]

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
30310-130310Arctic Scout40Arctic Pilot 2014
Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 9.14.43 PM60032Arctic Snowmobile441$6.99 / €5.992014
Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 9.14.54 PM60033Arctic Ice Crawler1131$14.99 / €14.992014
Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 9.15.07 PM60034Arctic Helicrane262Arctic Explorer Aurora, Pilot$39.99 / €29.992014
71RVRA5p-UL. SL1000 60035Arctic Outpost374Cameraman, Arctic Explorer (x2)$49.99 / €39.992014
71Tt-zwYMFL. SL1000 60036Arctic Base Camp735Arctic Explorer (x3), Arctic Explorer Aurora, Pilot, Scientist, Cameraman$89.99 / €89.992014
13920173430 b93a5ce72f z60062Arctic Ice Breaker717Explorer (x2), Arctic Explorer Aurora, Cameraman, Captain, Pilot, Scientist$129.99 / €99.992014
60064 alt1box60064Arctic Ice Supply Plane374Arctic Explorer, Arctic Explorer Aurora, Pilot$49.99 / €49.992014
850932 alt1850932Polar Accessory Set42Arctic Explorer, Arctic Explorer Aurora 2014

2018 Sets[]

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
60190 alt160190Arctic Ice Glider50Arctic Explorer$6.99June 1, 2018
60191-box60191Arctic Exploration Team70Arctic Photographer, Snowmobile Driver, Explorer$9.99June 1st, 2018
60192 alt160192Arctic Ice Crawler200Arctic Explorer$24.991 June 2018
60193 alt160193Arctic Air Transport277Arctic Climber, Arctic Pilot$39.992018
60194 alt160194Arctic Scout Truck322Biologist, Driver, Snow Cap$59.992018
60195 alt160195Arctic Mobile Exploration Base786Driver, Arctic Expedition Leader, Arctic Explorer (x3), Arctic Explorer (Create the World)$119.992018
60196 alt160196Arctic Supply Plane707Arctic Pilot, Driver, Expedition Leader, Arctic Explorer$79.992018




60032 alt4
60034 Arctic Explorer
60035 Arctic Explorer (beanie)
60034 Pilot
60036 Scientist
60062 Scientist
60062 Captain
Arctic ScoutArctic Explorer
(orange visor)
Arctic Explorer
(green visor)
Arctic Explorer AuroraCameramanPilotScientist
(brown hair)
(red hair)


  • Mike Rayhawk, long time artist and conceptual designer for LEGO, once worked on what started as a theme involving Johnny Thunder, which he described as "a pitch for them to go to the arctic and discover mammoths and sabertoothed tigers stuck in the ice, which became a city theme instead" - the 2018 City Arctic sets.[1]
  • The idea for the 2000 sets went back to 1987 when the theme was known under the name of Polar, before later being reworked in 1996.[2]


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