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Aspheera is a snake sorceress and Pyro Viper minifigure from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Aspheera's head and shoulder armor molds were recast in brown; both were used for the Pyro Destroyer, the head for Pyro Slayer, and the armor for Pyro Whipper. She has a unique printed torso, depicting tan and gold robes. Her ghostly lower body is an orange and yellow recolor of the ghost piece introduced in 2015, previously used for Ninjago characters like Nadakhan and the 2019 Overlord.

The in-show model for Aspheera features more organic/cartoonish texturing. Her shoulder armor appears smaller, as more of her torso print is visible. In place of her ghost tail, she has a golden and fiery snake tail similar to most Serpentine generals. Prior to gaining fire powers, her scales are shown to be blue, though her eyes remained yellow with red irises. A young version of Aspheera was depicted without armor, and with Hypnobrai eyes.


In "Wasted True Potential", Zane has a vision of Aspheera appearing at the Monastery of Spinjitzu seeking revenge. In "Questing for Quests", a tablet with her likeness engraved on it is seen near a pyramid discovered by Clutch Powers. In "Booby-Traps, and How to Survive Them", Jay foolishly opens her tomb before Zane finishes reading an inscription warning against just that action. Seeking revenge on the one who imprisoned her, Aspheera sets her sights on Kai's fire powers. When the other Ninja attempt to stop her, she proves to be an adept at Spinjitzu and handily defeats them all. She then unleashes a lava flow from the pyramid and, riding upon a giant Fire Fang, sets out for Ninjago City.

In "The News Never Sleeps!", Ninjago City is invaded by Aspheera's fire snakes, who descend from the sky in balls of fire. In "Ninja vs. Lava", her mummified Serpentine minions are awakened in the pyramid by her lava flow. In "Snaketastrophy" Aspheera, having arrived in Ninjago City, goes on the news to announce her intentions to its residents. In "Powerless", Aspheera arrives at the Ninjago Museum of History in search of one of the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu, and reanimates Char while searching for it. The Ninja find the scroll first, but Aspheera is able to claim it and sets out to find her old enemy.

In "Ancient History" the Ninja attempt to regain the scroll, but Aspheera defeats them and continues her quest. In "Never Trust a Human", Sensei Wu explains that he is the one Aspheera is searching for, as he had a role in her imprisonment. In his youth, Wu befriended Aspheera after she helped him and Garmadon, and agreed to teach her Spinjitzu. Unfortunately, Aspheera broke her promises to Wu and used it to overthrow King Mambo, and Wu ad Garmadon were forced to confront her. After she was defeated using the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu, she was imprisoned, though not before swearing revenge on her former friend.

In "Under Siege" and "The Explorer's Club", Aspheera's forces swarm the Monastery of Spinjitzu, overwhelming its defenses one by one. In "Vengeance Is Mine!" they at last succeed in breaking into the monastery's vehicle bay, only to be confronted by the Titan Mech. Aspheera dispatches it to the Never-Realm using her scroll, and later does the same to Zane after he uses the other Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to freeze her and her army. Interred in Kryptarium Prison and now lacking her stolen fire power, she is confronted by Wu. She then reveals where she has sent Zane, though her intention had been to banish Wu to the Never-Realm.

In "A Cold Goodbye", P.I.X.A.L. has a nightmare in which she relives Aspheera's final strike against Zane, before Wu informs her and the Ninja of Zane's survival. In "The Message", Cole recounts the story of the Ninja conflict with Aspheera to some of the Ice Fishers' children.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu



  • Aspheera is voiced by actress Pauline Newstone, who has had a number of animation roles over the years. Most notably, she previously played the talking golden cobra staff Heka in the cartoon series Mummies Alive!, the themes of which are markedly similar to her role as Aspheera.
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