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An Assassin Droid is a minifigure from the Star Wars theme, first released in 2009.


The head is built with a stud, cone, bar 1.5L with clip, and a Transparent Bright Orange stud in between the upper stud and cone. The body is made from a Minifigure mechanical torso, a straight and curved robotic arm, and connected robot legs. All it's parts, apart from the transparent bright orange stud, are Metallic Silver.[2]


Assassin Droids were highly advanced droids mainly hired by Bounty Hunters, crime lords, and corrupt politicians to execute specific targets or orders. These droids generally performed with unflinching loyalty to their masters. Since their missions generally required a far higher degree of independent skill, savvy, and judgment than normally possessed by simple war droids, their programming subroutines, circuitry, and memory cores were of correspondingly higher sophistication and quality.




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