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Astromech Droids are a type of droid minifigure found in the Star Wars theme.


Astromech Droids are a line of droids designed for many purposes, mostly for ship maintenance and piloting. Astromech droids are often considered a type of LEGO Minifigure, although they share none of the pieces used in conventional LEGO Minifigures. (Recently, however, set descriptions on and in LEGO catalogues have not referred to them as minifigures; nor does LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History.) There are many different classes of astromech droids, and the first present in a LEGO set was R2-D2.

Most Astromech Droids (except for T7-O1 and R1-G4) share the same basic design and body pieces, though some have different head shapes, and most all are colored and printed differently. Vehicle sets often include only the head to represent the droid being plugged into the vehicle's astromech socket. Due to the large number of astromech droids, they often have mistakes on the body detailing.

Astromech Droids are featured in many LEGO Star Wars sets in many variations, and have appeared in all four LEGO Star Wars Video Games.

List of Astromech Droids


R2-D2 Variants

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75020 R2.png
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Original Variant2008 RedesignClone Wars variantServing Variant (original)R2-D2 SnowmanServing Variant (redesign)2014 redesignR2-D2 Christmas TreeDagobah Design

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