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Astronauts are Minifigures from many LEGO Space subthemes. There have been many variations of them, from the Blacktron Astronauts to the original Classic Space astronauts.


Throughout the years of the Space theme, astronauts were the main characters - first in Classic Space in 1977. Then came more variants in Futuron and Blacktron, where they began to have different signature space suits, and a "good guy-bad guy" designation.

The Space Police II line introduced the first Space Minifigures with faces other than the classic smile.

Ice Planet 2002 did not change much, except introducing a new idea of Space exploration for the newer astronauts. However, plenty of sets were introduced, all of them including an astronaut.

A major shift in the space theme came when Astronauts were made to fight aliens, These storylines are most commonly seen in Life on Mars, Mars Mission, and Space Police III, whereas previously, they were either alone or fighting against other Minifigures.


Classic Space

The Classic Space astronauts showed off a simple design, sporting the original logo. They would be seen in colours such as red and white, later in yellow, black, and blue. These were the first astronauts, released with the original Space theme in 1978. Much the same as all other 1978 Minifigures, the astronauts torso's had stickers in matching colours, with the new space logo.

Blacktron and Blacktron II

Blacktron introduced a new look, a signature black with what appears to be a breathing apparatus on the front of their suits. In Blacktron II, a large "B" was seen on the chest. Also, visors were beginning to appear on the astronauts of this era, starting in Blacktron. Blacktron was also the first time a faction of astronauts were identified as the "bad guys".


Futuron did not introduce many new items or pieces with the exception of jetpacks and new colour schemes.


All of the M-Tron sets included an M-Tron astronaut. The astronaut has a large "M" with a circle in the middle. They had helmets much like the Blacktron II Minifigures.

Space Police

Space Police Minifigures were not real astronauts. They are depicted as futuristic police officers on a distant planet, although in Space Police III, they do combat aliens.

Ice Planet 2002

To introduce a newer idea of fictional Space exploration, Ice Planet 2002 introduced a newer design. Unlike in the other themes, this astronaut variant sported a blue and white suit, as well as new visors and goggles. Another key detail is the newer logo, a blue planet with rings (likely being the Ice planet in which the theme is based upon).

Mars Mission

Main article: Astronaut (Mars Mission)
Mars Mission astronauts were dressed in white and orange suits and their helmets were white with gold visors. These spacesuits were also used in 2854298 LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers.

LEGO Universe

An orange astronaut Minifigure was included in the pre-order of LEGO Universe that had the Nexus Force logo on the torso part (see 2853944 Astronaut).


LEGO City released a space subtheme, with brand-new astronaut minifigures for 2011.

LEGO Games

Astronaut microfigures have appeared in several LEGO Games such as 3842 Lunar Command, and 3850 Meteor Strike.


  • The original astronauts (red, yellow, black, blue, and white) that came with the first sets had helmets without slots for visors, as these had not been introduced yet.
  • In recent years, original-style space Minifigures have been released in the collectible Minifigure boxed sets.
  • In Space Police III, a white statue of a Classic Space Astronaut makes an appearance to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Space theme.
  • The main logo seen on many astronauts' spacesuits is a planet with a small shuttle flying around it.
  • One of the 8683 Minifigures Series 1 Minifigures is an astronaut, see Spaceman.


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