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Attila is a Ninjago Ghost Warriors minifigure minifigure released in 2015.


Attila's head is colored trans-light green with black eyes and black markings. His hood is dark blue and has a ninja mask covering his mouth, with only his eyes staying visible. Attila's arms are dark blue, and his hands are spring green. His torso has ghostly, spring green printing and purple robes with a dark blue belt. His legs are trans-light green with ripped, dark red pants just below the torso.

Attila is built identically to fellow Ghost Warriors Ming and Spyder, and his hood was also used for Bansha, Hackler, Howla, and Yokai. His legs were the same used for all Ghost Warriors except Morro, Bansha, Soul Archer, and Wrayth. His torso was the same used for Hackler, Pitch, Yokai, and Wail. His head was also used for Cowler, Cyrus, Ghurka, Hackler, Howla, and Pyrrhus.


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