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Auto or Auto-Pilot is a robot released in 70750 Ninja DB X. He plays a minor role as the DB X's auto-pilot in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Auto is brick-built, but made in minifigure scale. He includes gold goggles for eyes, pistols for his arms, and black skeleton legs for his feet.


Auto was most likely created by Nya when she created the Destiny's Bounty Express. In the episode "Spy for a Spy", he pops out from below the vehicle and takes the wheel after Dareth presses the Auto-Pilot button on the DB X. However, Auto-Pilot stops controlling the DB X and covering his eyes after almost crashing into a wreckage. Dareth then mocks him and takes the wheel again.

In the CGI video for the set, Garmadon accidentally knocks off Auto's head with his staff.


  • He is called Mini Robot in the LEGO Catalog.