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The Av-Matoran Tanma

The Av-Matoran are the Matoran of Light. Several Av-Matoran were released in 2008, along with several Shadow Matoran that had their Light drained by the Makuta.



Av-Matoran were prototypes for the rest of Matoran. Their build was based on Agori build. They were stronger and bigger than their brothers. Also, they are the only Matoran that can use their elemental powers. The first Av-Matoran to be created was Takua, who later became Toa of Light. If it's written in his/her destiny, the Av-Matoran can become Bohrok.

Av-Matoran as sets

Av-Matoran are similar to Toa that they unite with. They wear the same Kanohi masks, have the same color of armour, similar bulid and similar weapon:

  • Solek have rounded arms and legs and swords similar to Kopaka's bayonet
  • Photok have masive arms and blades similat to Pohatu's Twin Propelers
  • Tanma have long legs and straight swords similar to Lewa's Air Saber

However, Solek, Photok and Tanma share many similarities. They all have trans-neon green eyes, dark grey torso and other dark grey parts and they all have a jetpack.


Av-Matoran turned into Shadow Matoran


  • Gavla was the first one to be turned into Shadow Matoran.
  • Makuta were turning Av-Matorans into Shadow Matorans to prevent an uprising of Toa of Light.


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